Glamveda Pearl Anti Pigmentation Facial Kit 120 gm

Rs. 270 Rs. 399

Glamveda is out with the all-new Pearl Facial Kit, made up of 100% naturally derived ingredients for spotless skin. It contains Pearl bhasam, shea butter, Sesame seed oil, Wheat gram oil and fruit extracts all with their own incredible benefits. The facial kit comes with a store of calcium, magnesium, iron and conchiolin containing 17 powerful amino acids for your skin. These help to rebuild collagen, an important protein in your body, bringing the glow and youthfulness to the skin. The pearl facial kit gives the instant lightening and brightening to the skin and pearl-like fairness making it suitable for use before any party. The 6-step facial kit controls pigmentation and blemishes, it helps in retaining moisture in the skin. The ingredients used in the kit have antioxidant properties protecting the skin from radical stress. The kit is a perfect solution for smooth flawless skin. All the Glamveda kits are free from parabens, mineral oils, SLS and other harmful chemicals making them completely natural and no-side effect solution, suitable for all skin types.
The facial kit is very easy to use. All the instructions to use are presented in the kit. The steps involved would help cleanse your skin, scrubbing and massage help in opening the clogged pores and rejuvenating the blood flow. It comes with a cream to close all the clean pores and moisturise the skin. Post this process, to elevate the glow and bring out the best version of you, a pearl gel provided in the kit to lift your whole looks and appearance. And there you are, with radiant glowing skin, ready for the next endeavour with all your re-energised form.

Patch test is recommended for the first time users.

Stop if irritation occurs.

Always store the product in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight & moisture.

Ayurvedic formulation may change colour overtime, which does not affect efficacy of the product. 

Avoid eye contact with the eye. If contact occurs, rinse immediately with water.

Avoid dipping wet fingers into the product.

External use only.

For use during pregnancy consult your doctor.

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