Glamveda Pomegranate Brightening Sheet Mask

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  • 100% Natural extracts,
  • 10X More Serum, Highly concentrated & Effective Serum.
  • Instant Hydrating & Brightening Sheet Mask.
  • Moisturizes, Rejuvenates & Nourishes.
  • Provides Ample Nourishment To The Skin
  • Gives Smoother, Supple & Radiant skin in just 10 mins.
  • Advance Cellulose Tence sheet for better absorption.
  • Suitable for every day use


Why Glamveda Pomegranate Brightening Sheet Mask

Pomegranate is one of the oldest known fruit is an original native from Persia. This nutrient dense anti-oxidant rich fruit has been refered as symbol of health, fertility and eternal life. Moisture and nutrition of collagen in the pomegranate grants moist healthy skin. Pomegranate juice is beneficial for the skin that is damaged due to sun exposure or aging. The oil from pomegranate seeds helps strengthen the epidermis thus reducingor delaying wrinkles.

Reasons to ♥

10X More Serum, Highly concentrated & Effective Serum

Instant Hydrating & Brightening Sheet Mask

Pack Size - 25ml

Country Of Origin - India

Shelf Life (In months) - 36 Months

Brightens Skin

Reduces Signs Of ageing


All Skin types

Step 1

Wash face and apply toner. Remove mask from packet and gently unfold

Step 2

Place mask on entire face, adjust around eyes, nose, and mouth.

Step 3

Remove after 10 to 15 minutes and pat in remaining content to absorb into skin.

Pomegranate Extracts

Hyaluronic Acid


Is pomegranate sheet mask good?

Pomegranate oil has amazing anti ageing benefits. It reduces signs of ageing & refreshes dul & tired skin.

What does a pomegranate face mask do?

It instantly brightens skin tone. provides instant hydration & nourishment to dull, tired & dehydrated skin.

Are sheet masks actually good for your skin?

Yes. they provide instant hydration & essetial nutrients into the skin. The tencel sheet lets the neutrients gradually get absorbed into the skin.

Is pomegranate face mask good for acne?

No doesn't have any effect on acne or breakouts.