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We aim to bring out the finest splendour of our Glamveda family through our perfectly crafted authentic and effective products from our ancient culture. At Glamveda, we undertake all efforts to understand the beauty needs of our family and use our strengths to address those requirements. Our mission is to make you shine, discover yourself, help your skin and hair stay healthy, clean, radiant & energizing . 

Glamveda products are consciously formulated using the highest quality ingredients from plant, earth and sea they are toxin free + cruelty free + paraben free



Given our commitment towards fulfilling your needs and aspirations, we strive for quality, purity & perfection. Glamveda is the perfect amalgam of the ancient knowledge of 5000-year-old Ayurveda and today’s modern science. Our products are a perfect blend of nature’s goodness & advanced science to create safe, high-performance skincare.   

Each ingredient is carefully chosen with proper care to its enriching benefits, herbal and nutritional properties and most importantly its effect on the skin. Once the products are ready, each one of them is rigorously tested for safety and results. Furthermore, we constantly stay abreast with the latest research and knowledge to ensure that all products meet or exceed the standards set by the global government or regulatory authorities and all scientific requirements, thus, ensuring highest-quality benchmarks.

100% Naturally Sourced ingredients

Purity at it's best

We formulate high performance products that are made with only natural and good stuff !! 

We formulate without Parabens, Sulphates, Silicones, Mineral Oils, Propylene Glycols, Petrolatum, Polyethylene, Paraffin, PEG & Phthalates.



"Glamveda Facial kit- Best & Affordable Home Facial Kits To Save On Parlour Ka Kharcha"


"Glamveda Collagen Face Mask Sheet: Reduces fine lines and wrinkles"


"Amazing Benefits Of Rice Water For Radiant Skin And Smooth Hair"- Glamveda Rice Water Range




I'm so impressed with Glamveda's Pink in Paris lip-gloss. It's the perfect blend of color and shine.

Customer Review

it did a great job, it makes skin little shiner,i really like this product. absolutely go for it.

Customer Review

Really amazing product...I feel it's original...I write about it use after 9/10 days...I like it

Customer Review

Wonderful foaming face wash which can be used to have a clean face every time you step in the home after a busy day. You always need that refreshing feeling and this is the perfect solution and is good for my dry skin and moisturize my skin well.

Quite effective in dealing with dead skin and the Tan removal effect is just amazing. It makes my skin soft and lightens it. Loved it.

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