The key to our performance is the carefully embedded ingredients. The ingredients in our products are naturally-derived from earth’s best elements like Aloe vera, Grapefruit, Redwine, Pearl, Greek Yogurt, Green Tea, White Tea, Lotus, cucumber, Lavender, Jojoba, Lilly, Rose clay, Orange, Papaya, Rice, Sea Salt, Sheabutter, Argan Oil, Sunflower, Turmeric, willowherb, Honey, Rose, Charcoal, Almond Oil, Hibiscus, Chamomile, Carrot, Coffee, Ginger. These herbs are popular for their positive effects on body and hair. This careful blend comes from our deep-rooted experience and legacy.

With our robust philosophies towards environmental protection, we use cold-pressing techniques for the production of the essential oils, body butter & extracts that are used in the product range.

Given our interests in safeguarding mother Earth’s natural habitats and to prevent deforestation, we ensure that our products are free from parabens, sodium lauryl sulphates, phthalates, artificial colourants, Propylene glycol, Mineral oil, petrolatum, polyethene, PEG, and are Palm Free. Needless to say, the products are 100% Vegetarian and dermatologically tested with no animal testing. The only animal products we use are Cruelty-free ‘honey & beeswax’ that are sourced locally to support our neighbouring communities. Keeping up with our strong values, we do not use any synthetic or otherwise unhealthy products associated with any form of environmental toxicity.


As the saying goes, "Body is a gift of God"; true to this, the human body is the most complex machine on this planet. Replicating it is far from human comprehension for the next hundred centuries or more. And thus maintaining it is of utmost priority. This is where the ancient knowledge of Ayurveda is indispensable. Ayurveda, meaning, "Knowledge of life", is a gentle reminder that both living and non-living components of Earth are tightly knit that if a single knot is out there is an imbalance created. It throws light on how the essence of five elements connects the internal self with the external being.

Ayurveda is about striking harmony between body, mind and the spirit. But to reach the zenith of self-attainment one has to start from the base, and thus it is rightly said, ‘a healthy body makes a healthy mind’. Everything which is put on the body is as important as everything that goes inside the body. The same amount of precision is needed for the physical body that you put into your internal diet.

Various cosmetics are currently available in the market and some may provide us with instant gratification. But, will they last long? We believe that the world is a mirror. What we see there is a reflection of us. If we are try to beautify ourselves by taking away the beauty of nature, it won't last long. Glamveda is a medium through which we enhance not just our physical beauty, but also our inner charm which radiates confidence and positivity through the time-tested practices of Ayurveda, all by staying in rhythm with nature.