Body yogurts: what they are and how to use them

Our newly launched body yogurts are quick-absorbing, lightweight moisturizers that help you get that dewy glow of healthy-looking skin.

The concept of body yogurt is for its prominence of use in the summertime. Yes, we know how oily a moisturizer feels but not applying any leaves your skin dry and sweaty. The struggle is over now, we present you with our light-weight, fast-absorbing body yogurt that nourishes your skin, you can use them to replace moisturizers in summer or use them in winter for layering and giving that extra boost of hydration to your skin. Sounds like a dream right? What's more, is that our body yogurts can also absorb in damp skin, we know there's no time to moisturize when hurrying out in the morning! They give a soft, dewy glow for healthy-looking skin and take only a few seconds to apply, giving you more time to do things that are more important. And when we already have a range of body yogurts that smell amazing and absorbs quickly, you will never go wrong with any choice you make.

The lightly scented flavors of body yogurts that we provide are Banana Body Yogurt, Mango Seed Body Yogurt, Coca Body Yogurt, British Rose & Honey, Shea Butter.

Our body yogurts are extremely lightweight yet moisturizing. They don't feel as greasy as body lotions, although we know its the good greasy but you can't go wearing heavy creams in every season. Fortunately, we have a solution. Our various body yogurts in scents of honey, British rose, or mango are bound to leave you smelling AMAZING all day long! They can be applied after each shower and combined with your normal bathing routine easily. 

Our body yogurts give a cool sensation when first applied, hence making them a great choice for summertime. During other seasons, you can easily layer other body butters or lotions from our range onto these yogurts and enjoy extra protection of your skin in harsh weathers. Their lightweight formula is non-sticky and makes the skin feel hydrated and smooth. Pick your choice from all the delicious options and get ready to ace the day!

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