Why are natural body wash and lotions important for skincare?

Did you know how harmful traditional soap bars are to the skin? It's not too late though, switching to an all-natural range of bath and body products just got easier. First things first, start your bathing routine with our new ‘Bath N Body' body wash. We have put together a gentle yet cleansing formula to make our body washes that don't harm your skin or dry it out. Sounds amazing right? What's more amazing is that it leaves you smelling like a daydream, with a sweet, light fragrance that lingers all day long! And honestly, we don't think there is another way better to start your day or to get that boost of confidence in the morning.

So why should you replace your soap with our bath wash? Easy, there are many reasons why. Our bath wash range has a more potent, all-natural formula that combines vitamins, essential oils, and fragrances and provides a greater hygienic purpose in comparison to soaps. Secondly, our bath washes aren't that vulnerable to contamination from the bathroom environment as any other soap normally would be.  Soaps create greater wastage and pollute water more than our range of bath washes. Lastly, our bath wash products will not strip your skin of its natural oils, opposite to what soaps generally do. Still need convincing for making the switch? Our range is affordable as well!

But it doesn't stop there, you also have to treat your skin post-bath. No need to worry as we've got that covered too, with our all-natural body lotion range. When it comes to making sure your skin is fully nourished all day long, we have got your back with our range of all-natural body lotions. No matter what your bathing routine consists of, lotion is a step you should not skip regardless of what skin type you have. Our body lotions are carefully formulated to gently smoothen and soothe your skin, lock in the moisture and keep it supple all day long!

So if you don’t already, pamper your skin with organic-based body lotions and observe the difference yourself. As always, we make our products without parabens, drying alcohol, petrochemicals, and any other harsh ingredients. Treat yourself with delicious smelling lotions and washes with flavors of Rose & Milk, Belgian Almond and honey, Mighty Green apple, Crushed Coconut & Honey and many more. Give your skin all the extra loving with our range of Bath N Body washes and lotions to smell amazing and keep your body nourished all day long!

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