Glamveda is a herbal luxury skincare brand which offers natural and organic beauty products. We at Glamveda, believe in providing purest skincare products possible, to enhance ones well being naturally. The products are formulated using the best form of nature. The POWER OF PLANTS is harnessed to create high performance skincare.

We promise to deliver highest standards of purity, authenticity and quality of products at affordable prices. We believe in keeping the customers happy and providing them with products at a very competent price. Compromising the quality of product and the services provided to the consumer, is intolerable for us.

Glamveda has been offering innovative skincare products that are authentic and effective. The brand prides itself on sourcing ingredients that are pure, potent & organic. Our products contain NO PARABENS, POLYMERS, SULPHATES, ARTIFICIAL COLORS OR ARTIFICIAL FRAGRANCES. Our ingredients are plant derived and vegan which ensure a phenomenal experience of the products. With Glamveda, one can discover holistic care and enjoy the rhythm of life.

A few thousand years ago, long before the modern medicine, the ancient sages in India created their own science of life: Ayurveda. They recognized that human beings are part of nature, and found ways to realize full human potential. Ayurveda is a natural medicinal system that keeps a person’s mind, body and spirit in perfect harmony.

With the help of modern day science, we took a closer look at the beauty of Ayurveda. In creating Glamveda, we believe that we’ve infused both to provide the best skin care.