Two Decades of Serving Life
It is formed with a vision and dream of Dr. Anil Verma, a healthcare professional, a visionary and social activist with more than 35 years of medical experience, committed for welfare of mankind established this organization with a mission to develop & generate better health services amongst the masses. These envisioned words of Dr. Anil Verma, our Managing Director, reflect the extreme passion and enthusiasm that drives the organization.


“Growing up, I saw my father help the world heal with his more than 900 pharmaceutical products. I had always felt that I could do more than just heal. I was more intrigued in prevention than cure. I ventured on to find natural ways to stay young and beautiful. When I realized the immense knowledge that our ancient Ayurveda held, I decided to do all that’s necessary to unveil those beauty secrets and make them accessible to the modern day customers who believe in the power of Ayurveda. In my years of research, I’ve striven for the perfect balance between traditional Indian medicine and scientific expertise to launch Glamveda.“
Swati Verma


The main force behind the excellent & dynamic marketing team. With his determination and expertise, he has achieved success at a very young age. His constant dedication and effort to this company has led us to achieve great heights in no matter of time.