When Glamour Meets Ayurveda!! Natural, Herbal & Organic Products

Glamveda is an deep-rooted elite skincare brand that is constantly striving to reassure glamour to our highly health and environmentally-conscious family by retrieving the age-old wisdom of Ayurveda. We at Glamveda work to make you sparkle and shine with freshness and youthful vigour. In doing so, we couple the vedic techniques with the modern science to create highly effective products for you.

Glamveda provides complete body care solutions at equitable prices utilising the expert knowledge of our dexterous staff. Our products range includes sheet masks, face cleansers, exfoliators, Facial kits, bath and body products, de-tanning products, Hair oils and Hand wash. We also provide body-care advice.

Our natural ingredients donot have any artificial chemicals or colors and are therefore much soft on your body. These products contribute to long term effectiveness in the overall health of our benefitiaries. Each of our products is tried & tested and we stand to our promise of delivering high-quality service.

The brand prides itself on sourcing ingredients that are pure, potent & organic. Our products contain NO PARABENS, POLYMERS, SULPHATES, ARTIFICIAL COLORS OR ARTIFICIAL FRAGRANCES. Our ingredients are plant-derived and vegan which ensures a phenomenal experience to you. With Glamveda, one can get holistic care and fall in love with the rhythm of life.



Given our commitment towards fulfilling your needs and aspirations, we strive for quality, purity & perfection. Glamveda is the perfect amalgam of the ancient knowledge of 5000-year-old Ayurveda and today’s modern science. Our products are a perfect blend of nature’s goodness & advanced science to create safe, high-performance skincare.   

Each ingredient is carefully chosen with proper care to its enriching benefits, herbal and nutritional properties and most importantly its effect on the skin.

Once the products are ready, each one of them is rigorously tested for safety and results. Furthermore, we constantly stay abreast with latest research and knowledge to ensure that all products meet or exceed the standards set by the global government or regulatory authorities and all scientific requirements, thus, ensuring highest-quality benchmarks.

Our Purity Promise

Glamveda products are consciously formulated

using the highest quality ingredients from plant, earth and sea

they are toxin + cruelty + paraben free

and therefore could bring you glee.


Being responsible neighbours and good citizens
#madeinIndia #supportlocalcommunities #vocalforlocal

At Glamveda, we source our ingredients from the local neighbouring communities and farmers to shoulder them in their efforts and ensure collective growth. We trust that returns from the society must get back to the society. We owe all ours to them. It is, therefore, that we donate 1% of our sales annually to various NGO’s involved in Animal Health & Welfare and those involved in Planting trees.


Being Indian citizens we also stand abreast of the Nation’s goals of ‘make in India’ and ‘vocal for Local’. Needless to mention, all our products are Made in India and sourced in India employing our local Indian partners who stand by us and support us in achieving our collective vision.

Being good partners, neighbours and citizens

At Glamveda, our family and their aspirations are most important to us. Serving humanity by partnering you on your aspirations & fulfilling your needs through our fair-trade practices has been the way forward for us. 

Ingrained in Indian Values, we support our neighbouring local communities from whom we source our products to ensure a common growth from farm to families.

We trust that beauty to a woman can never be attained by destroying the beauty of nature. In doing so, we take extra care in ensuring that all our production processes are ecologically friendly. Given our strong belief in living-in-harmony with nature, we work as responsible citizens within strict policies towards formulation of products that are gluten-free, cruelty-free and Paraben-free. We also ensure non-detrimental & minimalistic packaging practices in line with our local and international responsibilities.


Glamveda Team

Coming from a family that has always respected and empowered women, this brand has been founded by Dr. Swati Verma with the support of Dr. Anil Verma and Mr. Vaibhav Sharma. In her words

“Growing up, I saw my father help the world heal with his more than 900 pharmaceutical products. I had always felt that I could do more than just heal. I was more intrigued in prevention than cure. I ventured on to find natural ways to maintain clean and healthy body, skin and hair. When I realized the immense knowledge that our ancient Ayurveda held, I decided to do all that’s necessary to unveil those beauty secrets and make them accessible to the modern-day customers who believe in the power of Ayurveda. In my years of research, I’ve strived for the perfect balance between traditional Indian medicine and scientific expertise to launch Glamveda.“ -Swati Verma.

Her statement says it all about this strong Women oriented organization.

As she learnt about Ayurveda, her love for nature and environmental protection grew. She wanted to make products in the most sustainable manner which could provide maximum benefits to the customers with minimum harm to nature. Given the highly destructive state of chemical-based cosmetics available widely in market, she desired to provide healthy skin/body care products at reasonable prices so that the world could stay healthy and radiate natural energy and glow without harming the balance of Mother Earth. Hence, she vetured out to start a woman-led organisation to deliver benefits like clean beauty and to ensure healthy skin at all ages under the Glamveda brand that considers its customers as Family.  Her vision is not to drastically change anyone’s skin color or texture but to help her Glamveda family maintain a balanced skin that has a natural and healthy Glow to it. She established this organization with a mission to provide body care services in the utmost natural way for the strong woman of today, that is you. This philosophy of Dr. Swati Verma reflects an extreme passion and an uplifting zeal that runs through the veins of this women-led and women-centric organization.