Glamveda Happy Foot Care Cream for Cracked Heels | Nourishment & Hydration

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  • Repairs dry & cracked feet.
  • Provides instant moisturization.
  • Provides instant healing & relief.
  • Soothing formula, provides relaxation 

Step 1

Wash your feet

Step 2

Apply cream & cover with stocks

Step 3

Amazing result the next day

Key ingredients

Tea tree oil, Rosehip oil, Lotus oil, Thyme oil, White cucumine

Complete ingredients

DM, Stearic acid, beeswax, emulsifying wax, Glyceryl monostearte, castor oil, light liquid parrafin, Tea tree oil, rosehip oil, lotus oil, thyme oil, white cucumine, sodium benzoate, imid urea, phenoxyethanol, fragrance

How does Glamveda Happy Foot Care Cream address dry and cracked feet?

Glamveda Happy Foot Care Cream effectively repairs dry and cracked feet.

Is this foot care cream suitable for daily use?

Yes, it is suitable for daily use to maintain nourished and hydrated feet.

How long does it take for the cream to show its moisturizing effects?

The moisturization is instant upon application.