Glamveda Rice water Brightening Face scrub

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  • Deeply exfoliates dirt & debris.
  • Brightens & Lightens The Skin
  • Smooths Away Dry & Dull Skin
  • Rice water evens kin tone and gives a clear glow.


Why Glamveda Rice water Brightening Face scrub

Suntans are an unavoidable part of life, that can cause burnt and tanned skin. The constant exposure also takes away the important nutrients from the skin leaving behind dead cells and a dull skin that has lost its lustre. Regular scrubbing, twice a week, is the best and easiest way to get rid of the tan and bring back the natural glow of the skin.

Reasons to ♥

Removes Tanning & Un-Even Skin Tone

The exposure to UV radiation releases melanin in the skin, that turns the skin darker.

Pack Size - 100gm

Country Of Origin - India

Shelf Life (In months) - 36 Months

Gentle exfoliation


Evens skin tone

Dry & dull skin types

Step 1

Cleanse the face thoroughly, the take generous amount of Glamveda scrub

Step 2

message gently in circular movement into the skin for 5-7 mins, Message using your fingertips with minimal pressure,avoid eye area

Step 3

Then wash your face or clean it with a wet

Rice Water


Kokum butter

Can I scrub my face with rice?

It can be way too harsh for the skin.

Can I leave rice water on my face overnight?


Can I use rice water everyday?

Use face scrub once a week only. Over exfoliation can damage skin.

Can rice water remove dark spots?

Yes. It lightens dark spots & pigmentation.