Breast care: The why and how!

Let’s talk about breasts. Yes, you read that right! A woman’s breasts are the most nurturing human organ ever. However, when it comes to health and body care, we care for every single part except the breasts. We all care for our hair, face, hands, legs, feet, stomach and back but what we forget in the process is the bosom. The woman’s breasts play a fostering role in human life. However, when it comes to nurturing and caring for them, we fail.

Not many discuss this most neglected part of a woman’s health and body care routine. However, there are a lot of natural remedies and techniques that are available in Ayurveda for breast care. Massaging is one of the top listed among them.

As the world is reporting an ever-increasing number of cases of breast cancer, it is becoming the leading cause of concern among women. More and more women are found to be suffering from various breast conditions including cancer. In most of the cases, by the time a woman becomes aware of breast cancer, it is usually too late. This is the reason that the doctors, today, suggest that women must provide good care to their breasts. It is important that she knows her bosom well. For this, she must massage her breasts regularly and indulge in some self-care. Regular breast care has multiple benefits as listed below:

  1. Identification of any issues with the breasts

Regular breast massage and care would help you understand your breasts well. Doing this is especially useful for self – inspection and early identification of any kind of lumps that may get developed over a period of time. These lumps get easily exposed during the massage and self-care sessions. Regular massage and care is not only helpful in early identification of various health conditions but also useful for prevention of any kind of breast tenderness or formations of lumps.

  1. Helpful in the growth and shaping of the breasts

The breasts change their size, shape and colour over the period of time. The breast tissues lose their elasticity and cause sagging of breasts. This is the reason that as you age, your breasts need more care and attention. It is important to examine your breasts regularly and stay in close contact with them.

Regular breast care is especially useful for sagging breasts. A good care routine which includes exercise, healthy diet, massage and good posture would ensure the healthy development of breasts with time.  Regular attention to breasts provides good and healthy shape and skin to the breasts. It is important to make available suitable upkeep at frequent intervals to the breasts as it will help you to notice any changes that may occur to your breasts and may help in early identification of any breast conditions. 

  1. Provides relaxation

Using a breast massage balm or oil and providing regular massage and care provides a much-needed relaxation to your body. It leaves a soothing and calming effect. Regular care removes all your stress and tensions, giving you a peaceful and relaxing experience. This puts you in a restful state, calming down all the tensed muscles, helps boost overall health and ensures longevity.

  1. Increases happiness

Massage helps in relieving stress and opens up muscles. It lowers stress and anxiety and releases endorphins that provide a ‘feel-good’ factor to the body. This is the reason you feel happy and calm post-massage. Massage can reduce stress and chronic pain. It is a great remedy for those long tiring days when you feel so exhausted and needs a good massage and some self-pampering for soothing relaxation.

  1. Treats depression

As massage helps release happiness hormones and reduces stress, therefore, it can be a great way of treating anxiety and depression. The massage helps in relaxing the tense organs and make you feel freer and at ease. The experience that massage gives unwinds you from all the worries and tensions. This leads to release of endorphins in the body that make you calm and serene naturally and internally. Thereby, massage is a great therapy for healing you from depression.

  1. Prevention of breast cancer

Regular massage helps you to get familiar with your organs and thereby self-examine them on any regular basis. The lymphatic system in the breast area is sensitive. Tight clothing decreases the circulation in the lymphatic system hampering its proper functioning. This is results in the accumulation of waste and dead cells in the breast region which eventually develops into lumps or tumours. This is a leading cause of breast cancer among women. Regular massage can help in ensuring good circulation and early detection of any abnormal changes or lumps that may develop over the period. Not only does the massage help in early detection but also helps in prevention by ensuring the fresh flow of blood to the breast tissues. This self-care can ensure proper care and relaxation to the muscles and tissues leaving a healing effect.

Apart from the above-mentioned benefits, breast massage can help in relieving the pain from breastfeeding and also treat hormonal issues.

For a good breast massage, follow the following steps.

Step 1: Take a small size of glamveda breast balm and apply on your fingertips.

Step 2: Apply the balm on the breast and massage in a circular motion around the nipples.

Tip: For breast massage cream, choose some natural or Ayurvedic formulation that has proven results.

Step 3: Continue massaging around the breast with the fingertips softly moving your hands reaching out the outer circumference of the nipples.

Tip: For massaging, massage as if you were drawing concentric circles. 

Note that the breasts tissue are connected to the underarms and the collar bone, so one could massage softly upwards up to the underarms and similarly massage from the nipples to the collar bone. This would ensure wholesome care for your breasts.  

Engage in the best self-care for all the love you deserve. Stay healthy with regular massage and utmost care for the woman you are.

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