Glamveda Breast Balm & How It Works!

Hello amazing ladies out there. We have been receiving various types of feedback for our ultimate breast balm. Today we would like to explain how it works and why it should be an important part of every women's skincare routine. 

The WHY?

The breasts change their size, shape and color over the period of time. The breasts tend to lose elasticity and begin to sag as you grow older.  This is the reason that as you age, your breasts need more care and attention. It is important to examine your breasts regularly and stay in close touch with them. Regular massage and care can help you prevent various health conditions. This can help prevent the formation of lumps and breast tenderness. Regular care can provide good and healthy shape and skin to the breasts. 

Self-massage is an ideal way to be familiar with your breasts and recognize any changes as they occur. Besides, massage stimulates the lymphatic system and improves circulation, helping to facilitate the release of any stagnation.


This balm is formulated with carrier oils, butters, waxes & vitamins. All traditional ingredients with which a cream is formulated except distilled water. These oils & butter are rich in fatty acids like linoleic acid, stearic acid, lauric acid, alpha linoleic acid and vitamin e. They are beneficial in promoting skin elasticity and repair skin barrier function for a healthy skin. Also the occlusive nature of these butters reduces transepidermal water loss, thus helps in maintaining a soft and healthy skin &  promoting collagen synthesis in the breast tissues. 
Especially buhi amla oil & punarnava oil have excellent skin nourishing qualities. 
Also this is an after shower massage melts in the hand so that you can massage gently into the breasts. These natural ingredients have a soothing and calming effect that relax all the breast tissues and the chest muscles. It rejuvenates the blood flow to the breast tissues and thereby ensures wholesome breast care.
This balm will not magically shape your breast but rather it will provide all the essential nutrients to the breast through various stages of life, and helps in maintaining soft, plum & healthy skin of the breasts.  
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