Rakshabandhan Combos your sister’s gonna love!

Brothers and Sisters' bond is quiet like Tom and Jerry who fight all year long. How much ever we care for each other yet we prefer to keep our love hidden. It is on the eve of festivals like Rakshabandhan that the brothers choose to bring out their hidden feelings of love and care by tying the sacred knot and sharing tokens of love. Festivals are one such great opportunity when brothers customarily surprise their sisters by showering them with Rakshabandhan gifts.  So if you are one such brother who wishes to adore his sister this festive season and wish to buy the best gift for your sister on Rakshabandhan, then we've got you covered.

Glamveda has thoughtfully put together a list of our top skincare picks and theyreby, curated a 7 combos of Rakshabandhan gifts for sister that will be perfect for your need. Whether she's a skincare junkie or just starting to explore the world of natural beauty, surprise her with following Rakshabandhan gift hampers for sisters and show her how much you care.


6 Step Rice Water Facial Kit + Deep Hydration Sheet Mask.

The 6-step Rice Water Facial Kit is gentle and effective for cleansing the face and revitalizing skin. This kit contains vitamins and minerals that help to nourish and boost skin cells. It helps to reduce wrinkles and fine lines. Especially good for people with dry skin, it can also help to reduce inflammation and redness. 

The Deep Hydration Sheet Mask is a great option for a quick and relaxing way to boost skin's hydration levels, this sheet mask is soaked in a hydrating serum that penetrates deep into the skin to leaves a more youthful and radiant complexion. 


AHA BHA Face Wash + Oil Balancing Facial Toning Mist + Niacinamide Day Cream.

This combo is specially formulated for acne-prone and oily skin. The Aha/Bha Face Wash is Free from any comedogenic ingredients, helps in gently exfoliating skin and removing dead skin cells, excess oil, and impurities. This facewash actively fights acne-causing bacteria and puts an end to acne problems.

The Oil Balancing Facial Toning mist tightens enlarged pores and mildly replenishes skin with long-lasting moisture. Made with vetiver & tea tree extracts, it brightens skin and corrects skin texture to reduce the appearance of dark spots. 

The Niacinamide Gel Day Cream made with mulberry extracts, licorice, and almond oil hydrates skin and balances oil production. Niacinamide has anti-inflammatory properties that help in reducing inflammation caused by acne and lightens dark spots, wrinkles, and pigmentation.


Vitamin E Face Wash + Rose Facial Toning Mist + Blush Vitamin C&E Day Cream.

The Vitamin E Face Wash protects your skin from damage caused by free radicals. It helps in hydrating your skin and making it appear younger-looking and radiant. 

Our Rose Toning Facial Mist uses roses to cleanse, tone, and moisturize the skin. This Rose toning facial mist has many benefits for the skin, including reducing inflammation, evening out skin tone, and boosting collagen production. 

Vitamin C and E are two of the most important vitamins for your skin. They help to protect your skin from damage, reduce wrinkles, and keep your skin looking young and healthy. The Blush Vitamin C and E day cream with papaya extracts, hemp seed oil, and rose oil give you all of these benefits and more.


Onion Hair Growth Ayurvedic 7-in-1 Shampoo + Onion Hair Growth Ayurvedic 7-in-1 Conditioner + 7-in-1 Onion Ayurvedic Hair Treatment Oil 

This Onion Hair Growth shampoo is infused with 7 botanical extracts of Amla, Reetha, Shikakai, Henna, Tulsi, Ginger, and Brahmi. A result of classic Ayurvedic wisdom, the shampoo is deeply nourishing that turns hair silky, smooth, and shiny. Packed in an eco-friendly blue-colored recyclable PP bottle, the shampoo comes with an easy-to-dispense pump. 

The Ayurvedic Hair Growth Conditioner Promotes Hair Growth by providing deep conditioning, preventing Hair thinning, and Delaying Hair Greying.

The Ayurvedic Treatment Oil is also packed with the healing benefits of 7 natural herbs that help in treating split ends, dandruff, hair fall, and greying hair.


Rice Water Face Wash + Rice Scrub + Rice Mask + Pearl Sheet Mask.

Glamveda's Rice Water range is an all-natural, Ayurvedic solution for naturally radiant-flawless skin that’s suitable to all skin types.

Rice water has been used for centuries as a beauty treatment. This Face Wash is rich in vitamins and minerals effective in treating a variety of skin conditions. It not only brightens & nourishes the skin but also fights wrinkles. It is a gentle cleanser that can be used on all skin types.

Rice is a natural exfoliant that can help to remove dead skin cells, makeup, and dirt from your face. This rice scrub helps to stimulate blood flow and promote new cell growth.

The Glamveda rice crème mask with Kokam, Aloevera, Liquorice, Lemon, Pearl, and Papaya extracts is rich in vitamins, minerals, and amino acids that are essential for the skin. Applying this face mask is a great way to get your skin to absorb all these beneficial nutrients.

Sheet masks are a great way to relax and pamper yourself. Pearl sheet masks contain nourishing amino acids and natural minerals like magnesium, zinc, and calcium carbonate that help to soothe and heal the skin. 


Vitamin C Face Wash + Vitamin C Facial Toning Mist + Blush Vitamin C&E Cream 

Vitamin C is an antioxidant that protects skin from damage caused by free radicals. Using this Vitamin C face wash can help neutralize these free radicals and keep skin healthy. The facewash effectively lightens dark spots on the skin and gives it a healthy glow. 

The Vitamin C Facial Toning Mist is perfect to get glowing skin daily as it hydrates the skin for the day without making it greasy or sticky. 

The Blush Vitamin C Day Cream is an Ultralight, non-sticky moisturizing cream with active vitamin C & E. The Ultralight formula helps the cream to penetrate quickly into the skin, making the skin hydrated and moisturized. It is filled with the goodness of herbal blends of lemon, papaya, turmeric, carrot seed oil, vitamin C, and Milk enzymes (lactic acid) that give your skin a blushing glow.


Curl Hair Expert Shampoo + Curl Hair Expert Conditioner + Curly Hair Expert Damage Repair +  Anti-frizz Hair Oil.

If your sister has curly hair , she is going to love you for this. 

Curly hair needs a lot of hydration, which means one needs to use products that are specifically designed for curly hair. Based on Advanced Ayurvedic research, Glamveda’s Curly Hair Expert is a culmination of precious Indian herbs like Hibiscus, rosemary, lavender oil, green tea, wheat germ oil & fenugreek. Her hair will thank you for this. 

The Curly Hair Conditioner is also filled with the magic of natural ingredients to nourish and hydrate curly hair. It reduces frizz, adds shine, and makes hair healthier. 

Curly hair oil is another effective natural product in this hair-protecting combo that keeps hair curls looking healthy and shiny. This oil protects from heat damage and environmental factors and stimulates hair growth. 

So there you have it, skin and hair care products that will make for the best gift for sisters on Rakshabandhan. Give your sister the best of pampering she deserves and make your sister's day extra special!

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