Men’s Trends of 2022 – Bearded Beauty!

If you are a beared beauty, then this blog will resolve all your queries on beard and face needs… read on...

As we welcome the new year 2022 with full hope and josh, we see some new trends emerging. Especially with reference to the men, the latest trendy look is the bearded look. Be it a stubble, a trimmed or a short beard, a chevron beard, or a beard stache, men are all set to kill with those hot looks. 

However, maintaining a beard is not easy! It requires a lot of care, regular trimming, proper wash care, and good hygiene.  Often, the busy lifestyles leave us with no time for that. Therefore, Glamveda is all set to help these handsome hotties with our all-new 2-in-1 Beard and Face wash for regular skin care of face and beard. Glamveda’s Beard and Face wash is a premium formula made with Almond, Kesar, and Chandan that makes your skin and facial hair clean and fresh. Beard and Face Wash by Glamveda is a proven formula for men’s skincare needs. and

In this blog, we bring to you some most common questions relating to beard care and solutions for the same. It’s a quick 5 minute reading and life long solution to your beard and face needs. So let’s read on…

How do I choose the best beard and Face Wash for myself?

Now, we all know that having a beard on the face is a big commitment. Keeping it always healthy and trimmed requires a constant effort. Having the right wash care tools like Beard & Face wash and face & beard oil becomes utterly important. The choice of the best face wash for the beard must depend on your skin’s needs and skin type. You must avoid products that have lots of fragrances or chemicals as they can irritate your skin. You can go for something that’s more natural and is made of things that you can eat! Yes, you read that right! Ingredients in a beard and face wash are the trick to the right pick. 

Ingredients are the trick to the right pick!

Talking about the ingredients, as the men’s grooming industry is growing, several products are coming up in the market. Yet most of them leave your skin very dry. The formula made by them has to be strong enough to reach the roots of the beard and is, therefore, more concentrated which gets a little harsh with your face’s skin. This leaves the skin dry and takes away all the nutrition from your pores. The facial hair soon get itchy and develop dandruff.


But true!

Facial hair can capture a lot of dirt, pollutants, and bacteria and then cause acne. Proper cleansing of the beard hair is a must at least twice a day. In such a case, the best option is to opt for such a Beard and Face wash that contains natural ingredients. Some of the ingredients that are a must in a face and beard wash are as below:

Almond Oil

The skin on our face is not the same as the skin on the head. While the scalp has the natural capacity to grow healthy thick hair, the skin on the face is very soft. So if you want a good thick beard, you need to supply the right nutrients to it for its healthy growth. And guess what! Almond oil can do that trick for you. Almond oil is known from ancient times for promoting hair growth. Almond oil is rich in Vitamin E, Calcium, Zinc, and Magnesium. It is a great way to grow your beard hair and promote the healthy growth of hair. It makes the hair stronger and prevents thinning of hair due to exposure to pollutants, etc. A natural oxidant, Almond oil also turns the skin under the beard healthy. Thereby, you can also get rid of all the flakes and dandruff that develops on ur skin under beard due to use of chemical cosmetics or exposure to lots of dirt and pollution. 


Kesar/ Saffron is one of the most expensive spices and has been a time-tested herb in Ayurveda for its benefits to humanity including numerous beauty-related benefits. Be it scars, pigmentation, or acne, Kesar has a cure for everything given its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. In fact, Kesar finds its applications in medicine as a healing herb for skin problems like dermatitis due to its richness in B Vitamins. The anti-oxidants like Crocin and crocetin found in Kesar saves the skin from the harsh UV radiations and remove tan. This compound being rich in Vitamin A also prevents premature aging of the skin. Apart from being a therapist, Kesar also adds a natural glow and toning to the skin due to its high supply of Vitamin C. If not anything else, Kesar can also cure the cuts and wounds caused to you due to shaving or trimming of your beard because of the boost it gives to cell production. It will help you heal faster and better. Kesar can be applied even on the most sensitive skins with precaution to the quantities to be applied. Apart from the skin, Kesar is also very good for beard hair growth and reduces breakages. 


The benefits of sandalwood are known worldwide. Another premiere herb, with tremendous skin benefits, Chandan is that one herb that you sure want in your skincare routine. From skin whitening to cooling effects on the skin, Chandan is a popular herb mentioned in Ayurveda for removing the pitta dosha. The aroma from Chandan is enough to relax you from the day’s hustle. It is one magical ingredient that can fix your skin and make it baby-like. Removing scars, acne, redness, tanning, dark spots, dead skin; Chandan can do it all. With its ability to fight the signs of aging, Chandan can give you ever-youthful, well-toned, glowing skin. It can remove wrinkles and fine lines and tighten the skin cells. The cooling effect from Chandan saves you from the summer heat and other environmental exposures like dirt, pollution, and germs. If you experience any puffiness around your eyes, then Chandan has a cure for it too. Not to forget, at the end of the day when you return home from a heavy day, awash with Chandan would give the much-needed relaxation and help you sleep better. 

Why choose Glamveda’s Beard and Face Wash?

  1. This 2-in-1 formula is a quick go for your hasty morning routines where you want to come out with your best food and yet lack time to get ready. A fast way to make you ready for the day and soothe you at the end of the day before you hit the hay. 
  2. Unlike all other face and beard washes in the market, Almond oil is the chief premium component in Glamveda’s Beard and Face Wash. Given its cleansing and moisturizing properties, there is no question of Glamveda’s Beard and face wash to leave your skin dry after applications as compared to the other brands. 
  3. Natural premiere ingredients of Glamveda’s Beard and Face Wash are unique and classy. A product of completely herbal Ayurvedic Science, the product is an all-natural solution to making it the best face wash for beard men.
  4. Glamveda’s Men face and beard wash is the most cost-effective solution in the market and that makes it the best face wash for the beard. Priced so reasonable for the high-end herbal ingredients it uses it is a perfect value for money solution to your face and beard hygiene needs. 
  5. Glamveda’s Men face and beard wash is specially made for the conscious consumers of today who care about the environmental impact of their consumption and love eco-friendly, chemical-free alternatives.
  6. It is a great gifting option for your loved ones who are sensitive and careful about the choice of products that they choose. Since this one is enriched with all natural herbs and is free from any side effects, so we assure you that your partner or friends will totally love this gift. 
  7. Very handy and a travel friendly solution that comes in a great packaging. 
  8. The face wash is gentle and safe on all skin types with no side benefits. 
  9. It is a made-in-India product that is cruelty-free, SLS and Paraben free. 

How to use IT?

Use a small quantity of face wash and massage gently for a couple of minutes on the face, forehead, and beard in circular motions. Rinse off with clean fresh water. Pat dry with a soft towel. See the difference! Follow it up with Glamveda Men beard oil for best results. 


Are you excited to get a bright skin and a soft beard. Grab you Glamveda Beard and Face wash today!

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