Red Wine Advanced Anti-Aging Facial Kit

Red wine for facials!!!

Yes, please!

Red wine is a popular beauty product of 2022 due to its applications in skin care products like facial kits, lipsticks, night creams, and whatnot. Glamveda’s Red Wine Facial Kit, extracted from the seeds & the skin of red grapes, is an advanced therapy and the best anti-aging product in the market. Red Wine facial Kits are high in antioxidants and offer several benefits like slowing the aging process, preventing skin cancer, UV ray damage, balancing the pH levels, and so on! The benefits of red wine facial kits have been dealt with in the later section. This blog will answer all your queries regarding Glamveda’s Red Wine Facial Kit. Let’s go one by one…

FAQ 1. Why Glamveda?

You need to know that several brands are coming up with similar products. However, the products made by Glamveda are made on the philosophy of Advanced Ayurveda. The products are made with medicinal properties directly targeting the root causes of skin problems, that not only provide relief from the skin-related issues but also a good healthy texture for your skin. The red wine facial kit at Glamveda is completely natural and free from all harmful chemicals, parabens, artificial colorants, dyes, and mineral oils. The kit is completely vegan and cruelty-free.

FAQ 2. A red wine facial kit?

The benefits of drinking red wine are much loved and popular among red wine consumers. But did you know that red wine could be your skin’s best friend? Out of a world of facial kits available in the market, do you wonder, why you need a Red Wine facial kit?

If this a question, that’s bothering you, then here are the top four benefits of the Glamveda red wine facial kit:

1. Anti-aging effects

Try it and you will know it!

The present-day weather, environmental pollution, stressful days & demanding life can cause our skin to age earlier. Glamveda’s red wine facial kit is the most authentic facial kit that can slow down the aging of the skin and lend longevity to your skin. The presence of antioxidants like resveratrol has been lab-tested to reverse the signs of age spots on the skin and thereby, help you age gracefully. A Powerhouse of antioxidants like flavonoid and tannin, the red wine facial kits works effectively on sagged skin removing any wrinkles and fine lines that develop due to damage caused to the cutaneous tissue. Red wine facial kit calms down the tensed skin providing deep relaxation and tranquility. If your skin has lost some luster or appears dull/dead, then an at-home facial with Glamveda’s Red Wine Facial Kit is the boost your skin needs.

Use once and see the difference!

2. Clears Acne

Another major skin condition is the development of acne which can be really painful and can leave marks on the skin. But did you know, Red wine facials can clear these acne breakouts and prevent them from happening any further? The Red wine extracts have been tested for their pharmacological benefits. Red wine facials can be a natural medicine for an acne-prone skin as it is rich in anti-inflammatory properties that reduce the inflammations caused by acne and antiseptic properties that treat the collection of any water or puss, thereby, giving a neat and clean looking smooth skin. Even a small application of Red wine on the skin for a few minutes can not only clear acne but also close the open pores that absorb dust and oil and lead to acne breakouts. Thus, red wine has both curative as well as a preventive effects on the skin.

The five-step facial procedure helps in CTM (cleansing, toning, and moisturizing) of the skin, thereby, removing all the impurities and working deeper into the pores. This helps to remove all the dead cells and regenerate the healthy growth of fresh cells that provide you an all-new healthy and soft skin.

3. Help you sleep better

Now, who doesn’t like an unruffled sleep!

The nutritional content of grape extract contained in the Red wine leaves a calming effect on the skin. It takes away any stress and strain and gives you a soothing effect making you able to sleep better.  Such therapeutic benefit comes from the polyphenols present in the red wine that work on the dead cells. By clearing out these unhealthy dead cells, and providing sufficient nutrients for the growth of healthy cells, red wine provides aid to the regenerative system of the body. Such a relief for the cells gives a relaxing effect on the skin. Also, Red wine is a storehouse of ‘melatonin’ that normalizes the sleep cycles.  Better sleep further promotes good skin health and adds beauty &a natural glow to your skin.

4. BID Adieu TO Sunburns!

This one must be coming as a surprise!

Did you know that red wine is a great way of preventing sunburns and saving you from those harmful ultraviolet rays. Application of the wine can oxidate every cell of the skin, remove tan and give you a better complexion. While you still need to apply sunscreens, the Red wine application can be used like a de-tan kit. So after your big adventurous day or a hardworking day of high sun exposure, the red wine kit is what will save you from the UV reaction as well as lend a calming effect after such a heavy day. So now, keeping this one in stock appears to be a good idea!

FAQ 3. How does the red wine facial kit work?

A spa at home!

If you are lazy in taking an appointment at a salon, traveling all the way, and waiting for your turn at the salon; Then this kit is for you! An easy at-home solution to facials!

Glamveda’s Red wine facial kit comes in a 5-step facial pack that can be easily applied at home. The kit contains a cleanser, a facial scrub, massage cream, massage gel, and a face pack. It is a must-try, value-for-money pack.

The red wine cleanser

The red wine cleanser is the first step in the application of the facial kit. The cleanser is quick to absorb into the multiple layers of the skin, therefore, ensuring deep cleansing of those pores. Exposure to heavy pollution, Sunlight, and weather conditions add impurities and dead cells to the skin. Further stress can cause excess oil production in the skin. These can be easily cleared by applying the red wine cleanser on the face and neck, massaging with fingertips in circular motions for 3-5 minutes.

The red wine Facial Scrub

After rising the cleanser off the skin with water, the next step is to massage the facial scrub on the wet skin softly all around the face and the neck in upward circular movements. The scrub helps in exfoliation and deep cleansing and removes the dead skin cells. Red wine scrub offers you an even-toned clear skin and removes the excess oil & other sticky substances clearing all the pores.

The red wine massage cream

Scrubbing with Red wine scrub opens up the pores and clears out the impurities. These open pores need a supply of antioxidants and minerals for the healthy growth of new cells which is provided by the red wine massage cream. The massage cream moisturizes the skin sufficiently providing necessary hydration and glow to the skin. At this stage, the skin turns soft and smooth and starts to shine with a rejuvenated glow.

Red wine massage gel

After the deep cleansing and moisturizing of the pores, the red wine massage gel works on the upper layers of the skin regulating the college-elastin matrix of the skin. Massage with red wine massage gel closes all the pores opened during the previous steps and creates a protective shield against sun damage. The gel helps hydrate the skin well removing any acne, blemishes, tans, and dark sports. This step brings back the life to the dull skin with an active glow.

Red wine Facial Pack

The final step of the red wine facial is the soothing face pack. After continuous rounds of cleansing and massage, the blood circulation improves and cells get actively charged. Therefore, the final step in the facial is the face pack to help the skin absorb necessary nutrients and relax. This step ensures that the rejuvenated blood flow is given its time to work on the skin and is aided by the nutrients from the face pack. The pack is rich in antioxidants and necessary vitamins for the skin that keep the skin cells tight and toned. The pack lends its anti-aging properties to the skin. The melatonin from the pack gives a calming down effect and regulated the sleep cycles which we discussed earlier.

For best results, leave the mask on for 15 minutes and relax with your eyes closed. Let the pack work on you and gently wipe with a warm moist towel.

Voila!! You are all set.


  • The kit is a complete facial package that comes in great packaging for proper storage. The pack can be used for 3 to 4 applications. The reasonable pricing is one key distinguisher as any facial at a salon would cost you at least seven times a single facial by the kit.
  • The Glamveda facial kit is not only an advanced anti-aging therapy for you but also a great gifting option. Who doesn't love a good facial?
  • Try it together and pamper yourself as roommates or family or gift Glamveda red wine facial kit to your loved ones.
  • Glamveda products are 100% Natural and cruelty-free solutions to skincare problems.
  • Glamveda red wine facial kit products have no side effects.
  • The red wine kit can be used by all skin types.
  • All our products are Made In India.

Have you ever come across such a brilliant skincare product?

Now, it's time to drink away your skin-related worries and apply some red wine to your skin for a vibrant and rejuvenated look.

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