Curly Hair Guide for Perfect Looking Round Curls

If voluminous curly hair is your defining characteristics, then Glamveda’s curly hair expert is the Conditioner & Shampoo for you. The conditioner is specially designed to meet the special needs of your beautiful curls. 

Let us Understand curly hair needs first!!

Curly hair tends to be drier and also get easily entangled especially while washing them or during sleep. Being more prone to damage, curly hair requires special attention and care. They need more conditioning as they are dry and need greater moisturisation. Also, getting the right ringlets is important for a woman with curly hair to look her best. Unlike straight hair, curly hair tends to lack moisture due to their oval and asymmetrical structure. Which also leads to breakage, split ends and loss of shine.

If you’re looking to add more shine & strengthen your natural curls, we will give you the best tips & tricks to manage your amazing curls. 

  1. Pre-Wash moisturization – If you incorporate this step in your curly hair routine, the hair will be more manageable and shinier. You can use any hair oil or homemade hair packs (egg, curd, lemon) 
  2. Choosing your curly hair shampoo and conditioner wisely- choosing the right product is the key. Use shampoo and conditioners that are especially formulated for curly hair. check out the ingredients listed below. You can try out our sample pack of curly hair shampoo and conditioner in 100ml.   
  3. Use a wide comb for styling and detangling. 
  4. Get regular haircuts to avoid spilt ends – Monthly hair cuts or just trimming is quintessential for maintain good hair health.  
  5. Incorporate deep conditioning hair mask in your hair care regime – Go for deep nourishing curly hair conditioner either leave in or wash out. Check out the ingredient list mentioned below. You can also check Glamveda’s curly hair expert conditioner. To know more read the complete article.  
  6. Always use a heat protector if you are going to blow dry or style your hair. Using a heat protector before blow dry is must step for curly hair. Please don’t skip this step at any cost. You will thank us later. 😉
  7. Use hair or scalp stem wisely – Excessive humidity is bad for curly hairs. The moisture gets absorbed and makes it hard to manage them. Always use steam after oiling or applying deep condition hair mask. So that it can works wonders for you. Steam helps the nutrition to get absorbed into the hair strands, which helps to get more shing and manageable curls. 
  8. Curly hair sleep routine- as you all are aware of pineapple trick. Follow that and also use a silk or satin pillowcase to avoid friction. (as friction leads to pre mature breakage and split ends) 
  9. Knowing the right ingredients for your curls- Always choose a curly hair shampoo & conditioner. Always look out for these ingredients(as they provide the best nutrition and care for curly & frizzy hair)  Hibiscus oil, rosemary seed oil, broccoli seed oil, ginseng, chamomile oil, lavender oil, tea tree oil, Mango butter, shea butter, kokum butter, horsetail extract, argan oil, grapeseed oil, olive oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil and nettle root extract. 
Glamveda has taken these needs very seriously!

Made with Advanced Ayurvedic research, Glamveda’s damage repair conditioner is an all-natural best hair growth and anti-hair fall shampoo & conditioner solution for curly hair. Made with precious Indian herbs like Hibiscus, rosemary, lavender oil, green tea, wheat germ oil & fenugreek; the conditioner leaves the hair nourished, fragrant and soft, strong, controlling the hair fall, deeply nourishing them and ensuring frizz-free hair. Since the conditioner is paraben-free and free of any harmful preservatives, it is packed in a purple-coloured recyclable pp bottle for the longevity of the conditioner. 

Glamveda damage repair conditioner reverses environmental and physical damage to the hair strand. It protects and repairs damaged hair. it is among one of the best shampoos & conditioner for curly hair & frizzy hair.  They are many options available in the market for curly hair conditioner, but our conditioner is formulated with precious ayurvedic herbs and oils that not only penetrates deep in to the hair shaft, but also repairs damaged hair.  

What do we know about Frizzy & Curly Hair 

Frizzy hair is a type of curly hair that has irregular texture with hair not aligning with the surrounding hair, but rather standing up or curling independently. Frizziness is caused by genetics and hair damage, but is much worse in higher humidity. this is why products for frizzy hair conditioner and shampoo we do not add humectants at all. Curly hair absorbs moisture that penetrates into the shaft will cause it to swell up and twist in an irregular pattern. 

Products that help to control the frizz usually contain silicones (or silicone replacements), which increase the water-repelling property of the hair. our conditioner and shampoo for curly hair is formulated carefully considering these facts. So that you can have best experience using damage repair conditioner. 

How does it work? 

Hair conditioner is a cosmetic product, most commonly applied to the hair after shampooing to improve its condition. shampoos are mainly designed to clean the hair; conditioners are formulated to nourish and condition the hair. 

After treatment with a conditioner, the hair is be smooth, shiny and tangle-free. Conditioned hair is easier to comb, has less static electricity and fly-aways, and feels softer overall. Conditioners can also vastly improve the dry and rough texture of chemically damaged hair, frizzy hair & curly hair (permanently waved and/or dyed).

Glamveda’s curly hair expert conditioner accomplishes these tasks through two main mechanisms. the first one is closing cuticle cells with appropriate ph.  So the damaged hair will appear smooth and manageable. Secondarily it helps the active ingredients like argan oil, coconut oil & other essential oils to penetrate deeper into the hair shaft. Its is a best conditioner for damaged hair. It not only protects but it repairs damaged and frizzy hair. it is advisable to use shampoo and conditioner for curly hair together for best visible results. 

What is it made of ?

  • Hibiscus

The naturally occurring Amino Acids in Hibiscus promote hair growth by infusing hair with an essential protein called Keratin. As curly hair is more prone to breakage, hair rich in Keratin protein does not break easily. Hibiscus is also useful for treating dandruff, premature greying, and conditioning of the hair. 

  • Rosemary

Rosemary is essential for hair thickness and growth. It aids in good circulation of the scalp and ensures good blood supply to hair follicles and also improves cellular generation. 

  • Lavender oil

Lavender oil with its divine fragrant aroma is especially calming to the hair that also boosts hair growth. Studies have shown that Lavender oil has been useful even for stimulating hair growth for those suffering from baldness or alopecia. An all-natural oil provides great locks to the curly hair by moisturising then enough. Its antimicrobial properties work well for itchy scalps and dry hair. Lavender oil also works great in getting rid of head lice. 

  • Green tea

Green tea is found to work great for elongating hair, preventing hair loss and regenerating the damaged hair. Rich in Vitamin B & C, green tea boosts shine and softness in hair. 

  • Wheat germ oil

Rich in Vitamin B, folic acid, magnesium, potassium and phosphorous; wheat germ oil is essential for the formation of new tissues that ensure growth in terms of length and thickness of hair. The fatty acids found in the oil makes it capable od repairing damaged hair and prevents further hair loss by leaving the hair well moisturised and conditioned. 

  • Fenugreek

The benefits of Fenugreek are well known in Ayurveda. From preventing hair fall, boosting hair growth, treating dry scalp to remove excess oil from the scalp, bringing shine to hair, repairing damaged hair; Fenugreek is a single solution to all hair problems and needs. Ensuring a proper balance of nutrients to hair and scalp, Fenugreek conditions hair with a lustrous glossy shine. It is especially useful for curly hair to ensure frizz-free hair and helps in easy detangling of the hair.  


  • It is Anti- Frizz making the curly hair smooth and easy to detangle
  • Good for damage repair as curly hair is more prone to damages as it gets easily entangled.
  • Wonderfully brings shiny round lovable curls.
  • Best natural hair conditioner to reduce damage to curly hair 

How to use-conditioner for curly hair

  •  Wash your hair and squeeze out extra water. Take the conditioner and emulsify in your palm.
  • Apply on the strands going from mid-length to the tip. Smooth leftover product on the rest of the hair on top. Avoid applying to the scalp. Leave on for 2 minutes.
  • Rinse thoroughly with plenty of plain water. Once it has been washed off completely, follow with a cold-water rinse to lay the cuticles flat for extra smoothness and shine.

How to use curly hair shampoo

1.Wet hair thoroughly with warm water. Take shampoo in your palm, rub together to emulsify it.
2. Apply on your scalp and hair length. Massage the shampoo into your scalp with mild pressure. Continue for 2 to 3 minutes then rub the lather down the length of your strands to clean them.
3. Rinse your hair well with plenty of warm water; follow with cold water rinse to seal the cuticles and add smoothness and shine.

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