What is Kumkumadi Face Serum?

Kumkumadi face serum majorly constitutes the kumkumadi oil which is a completely natural and herbal product. Kumkumadi oil is an Indian ethnic oil made of 21 Ayurvedic herbs, a few of which are Saffron, Sandalwood, Lac, Indian madder (manjistha), Indian redwood, Pollen of lotus flower, Liquorice root extract, Wild Himalayan cherry, Leaves of banyan tree, Vetiver roots, Indian barberry, Blue lotus, Mahua, Bael, Indian trumpet flower dashmool.  

Kumkumadi face serum is suitable for women of all age groups who wish to maintain a healthy complexion and glow. It is also healthy and good for all skin types and sensitive skin as it is made naturally and has is chemical-free. It removes dullness, dryness, pigmentation, uneven skin tone, and provides wholesome nutrition to the skin. It maintains the youthful appearance of the skin by boosting collagen synthesis. It improves skin elasticity, revitalizes and nourishes the skin. It also evens the skin tone and reduces age spots and removes wrinkles. It is a natural product and does not have any chemically synthesized ingredients. The serum works best if applied and kept overnight. 



Kumkumadi face serum is a light and quick-absorbing oil-based serum it makes the skin soft and smooth. It is packaged in a 15 ml amber coloured glass bottle that comes with a dropper. The bottle is given a blue colour to reduce the oxidation of oils due to exposure to sunlight. It has an oily appearance with a slight orange tint due to a high content of antioxidant. 


Key benefits  

  • Brightening of the skin
  • Lightening of the skin pigmentation 
  • Improvement in dark spots 
  • Even skin tone 
  • Regulating sebum production 


Process of usage

There are only three steps to good and healthy skin with the usage of kumkumadi face serum

  1. Wash and cleanse the face thoroughly and pat it dry
  2. Apply the face serum evenly massaging the skin in an upward and outward direction.  
  3. Use a night cream after applying the serum for the best results.
  4. Keep it overnight and find the soft and smooth skin in the morning. 

Clean and beautiful skin in just three steps with the use of a completely natural product without the usage of any chemicals. A truly good and satisfying idea for me. What about you? Do try it out. 


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